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Prolonged pause in teaching due to government restrictions

8. January 2021

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Hi from Draw Planet!

Due to the current government regulations we would like to inform you that we have to prolong the current pause in teaching.

You can find more information below!

Currently we are forced to continue the pause in teaching due to the Czech government regulations that have been freshly announced and continued.

Development of the situation in December and information from the Czech government at the time, made us expect to be able to open our studios after the Christmas holidays. Since then the government has changed their regulations several times. And the current state of government restrictions doesn’t allow us to reopen our studios yet.

Students enrolled in already running courses don’t have to worry about anything. Their lectures will only be moved by a few weeks, you won’t miss anything, you will just continue where you stopped.

Dates that are listed on the website and didn’t start yet will be postponed by a few weeks and we will inform all the participants about the new dates in advance.

We have been working hard during the break and we will inform you shortly about great news that we prepare for you!

We believe that the situation will get better as soon as possible and we will continue to draw, paint and create as we are used to! 🙂

More information: HERE

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

Do you want to tell us something? Write us anytime on [email protected].

Together we will find a solution to everything!

We are looking forward to seeing you at Draw Planet very soon!


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