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Charismatic and energetic, Dominik, graduate of Prague's Academy of Figurative Arts has his own distinct painting style. He works intensively with conceptual painting, reinterpretation of classical works and figurative realism. He is an excellent teacher and is loves sharing his knowledge across many different techniques, styles and courses with our students. Come and join!


Our great lecturer Pavel after graduating from SUPŠ and AVU under guidance from professor Beran is actively exhibiting and cooperating with museums and is engaged in a variety of his hobbies. He teaches course of realistic oil painting as well as oil painting for advanced. He is very fluent in various techniques but works mostly with photorealism and hyperrealism.


Sergej is an interesting and well-rounded person and an adorable lecturer. He has years of experience with watercolour and every single one of his classes are filled with new ideas, images and fresh information. Having successfully graduated from the faculty of photography he is now pursuing further Master's studies at ZCU, on his way to Master's in photography. We are very happy that Sergej finds time to teach watercolour courses and workshops at Draw Planet.


Zdenek loves portraits and pastel. Every single one of his works attempt to find unique individuality and essence of a person he draws. After studying in VSUP, he is now interested in 3D modelling and pastel. At Draw Planet he teaches courses for beginners, pastel, portrait, drawing and oil painting.

Kristyna B

Kristyna is a newage superhero. Many years of generating tens of ideas for the largest brands in the market made a creative machine out of her. She will help you with a concept, show you how to overcome a creative block, navigate you to the technical solution in a graphic software. She is a great graphic designer, illustrator and a creative manager, you will be glad for her guidance.


Her comics are simply amazing. We are extremely surprised that she is not working at Marvel yet. Perhaps their offer was not good enough for her. Satine creates whole worlds and she is simply an awesome humanbeing to be around with. We are happy that she agreed to teach comics course at Draw Planet. At Draw Planet Satine teaches drawing, comics, beginners and digital painting.

Anna A

Drawing, watercolour, scenography and calligraphy – all of these are Anna’s domain. After her classical drawing drill, she has decided to focus on watercolour and scenography. Currently after finishing her FAMU degree, Anna’s art is mainly connected to cinema and she is inseparable part of many movie productions. Anna is simply adorable. She is fun, easy going, supportive lecturer who takes great pleasure in sharing knowledge with others. She is perfectly prepared for each lesson and does her best to cover maximum materials above and beyond the program. She teaches drawing, watercolour and calligraphy.

Anna A

Some artists are experts on such a variety of that they need two portfolios! Our great lecturer Anna not only teaches watercolor, painting and illustration, but also she is a wonderful interior designer with an architecture degree. She is appreciated for her great sense of color and a refined taste in interiors. Together with her you will walk through the foundations of Sketchup, space planning and begin to create your own interior design. Her sense of humour and energy are inspiring and her ability to explain complex themes in comprehensive terms is famous.


Matyas is very friendly and energetic lecturer and experienced young artist. After studying graphic design he decided to concentrate on what made him the happiest - drawing comics and illustrations. He authored and participated in creating many beautiful books, magazines and comics. He has extensive experiences with creating incredible characters, he prepared tonnes of storyboards and loves concept art. Matyas explains all the steps and details of the creative process to his students with great excitement, covering both technical aspects and larger creative trends. You will find out how to work with moodboards, references, how to stylise and make your art alive, how to make viewer and reader excited. You will always encounter great atmosphere at his lectures. We are proud to have Matyas as part of Draw Planet where he teaches concept art, digital painting, comics and illustration.

Barbora V

The very start of the creative path may be challenging. That is why it is absolutely essential that the lecturer is able to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere at the studio. Barbora somehow always manages to do just that! Thanks to her education at the Art Academy in Prague she has tones of tricks and ideas to share with her students. She has mainly worked in a more realistic manner, until recently when her art has turned more expressionist and abstract. She will motivate and guide you through the course and help you with color theory and composition. You will fall in love with art at her lectures.


Alexey is an incredible graphic designer, animator and a very pleasant person to be around. He is a wonderful lecturer with great taste. Contemporary design can sometimes be incomprehensible and too conceptual, but you still have to search for new forms and ideas. And in order to strike this creative balance between a quality design for the client and modern trends, you have to work really hard. Alexey incorporates these new tendencies into his teaching keeping it fresh and practical. He has great theoretical background from his design studies in UTB and will give you recommendations for far too many designers, books and resources for self study.

Anna F

Let us introduce you our professional and skillful graphic designer, excellent typographer and calligrapher. Anna joined Draw Planet team about a year ago and brought a lot of fresh insights. Thanks to her our programs became fresher, more modern and her teaching is very admirable. It looks like Anna has endless amounts of empathy and passion for graphics and lettering. Teaching and getting in contact with students helps her relax after solving different graphics tasks at work. She lectures calligraphy, digital lettering, design and other courses.

Helena D

Where to start? Helena is incredible as an illustrator, graphic designer, architect and art historian. She helped launch a lot of Draw Planet courses and we get inspired by her everyday. She will assist you with technique, composition and an overall concept. Also she is cute. We rely on her positive vibes and you will also get hooked by her creative enthusiasm.


We are kind of used to be working with the best professionals out there who love what they do. But Rasti with his incredible enthusiasm for character and game design stands out even among them. He deeply cares that every single one of his students get all the exercises just right and that they make large progress during the course. He has personally gone through an extremely intensive digital art education in Melbourne, Australia and continues to rigorously improve his creative skills every day. Except for the digital art world he is deeply invested in conventional figure drawing and sketching, which he also teaches at Draw Planet.


Anastasia is a wonderful illustrator, graphic designer, drawer and a calligrapher. She is currently finishing up her Master’s thesis at ZČU on graphic design and typography. She is fan of creativity in all forms and shapes. She is mainly inspired by dance and travels. She also has a very strong track record in advertising, working for the largest European clients. At Draw Planet she teaches computer graphics, illustration, calligraphy and preparation for exams.

Helena G

Nowadays everybody takes pictures and it's great! But there are still not too many good photographers who combine conceptual photo, commercial and family projects. And if this photographer is capable of teaching and sharing this knowledge - it is rare and inspiring. And that's precisely Helen. Helen will be helping you realise your most experimental ideas, assisting and providing you with a great theoretical foundation. Photography is a beautiful subject to learn, but might be quite challenging. And with Helen your progress will be much smoother and worry free.

Karolina V

We are the biggest admirers of our amazing art team, even more so Karolina still managed to somehow surprise us. She has substantial expertise and knowledge in interior design and space planning. At the same time she has been creating beautiful graphic designs for the biggest Czech market players for several years. To add to the top, Karolina now is wrapping up her glass making degree at UMPRUM in Prague. Carolina can teach you how to become detail-oriented, positive and fearless person with an excellent taste. Never losing her human side, she is a pleasant and admired lecturer! She tutors interiors, graphic design, Adobe Illustrator, preparation for the exams and many more courses at Draw Planet.

Terezie M

Terezie loves contemporary art and figure drawing. She has completed her studies at interior design and accumulated incredible knowledge in art history. She is mainly dedicated to interior, painting and galleries. She is incredibly energetic and powers her students with will to move forward and get better. Her figure drawing classes at the league of their own. She finds simple ways to explain, show and demonstrate complicated human figure and we find it exciting even to watch. She will quickly prove to you that contemporary figure stands on dynamics and movement, not just boring academism. She is similarly convincing with interior course.


Alisa is an impressive artist, but her main domain is graphic design and vector illustration. After her graphic design studies, she became a freelance designer. Now she is a part of the large graphic atelier and teaches at Draw Planet. Her patience is universally admired. She approached every student with incredible kindness and friendly humour. She will be there for you at all times and support you every step of the way. We are really happy to have her as a graphic design, illustrator and Photoshop lecturer.

Rebeka M

Art and design disciplines contain many components. Especially fashion fields. From design and business to marketing and production – rarely someone has a good grasp of all of these aspects. Do you know who knows all of these fashion areas? Yes, that’s our amazing teacher Rebeka! She is not only a precious and creative fashion designer, expert on everything in the fashion field, but she can also advise her students concerning promotion, advertising and shops. As well as production, sewing and design. Her excellent ideas have already been realized under her new fashion brand. Rebeka has just received a Master’s degree in Fashion Design too. She tutors fashion design, sewing and others.

Lucie Z

Lucie photographs, works with fashion designers, does graphic design, retouches, creates visual identities, logos and so much more. Her knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom is incredible and it gets better everyday. During lectures with Lucie you will only learn the freshest and coolest trends which will inspire you to create you own amazing art. She is very organized but also fun to be around and a great improviser. No matter if she teaches Photoshop, graphic design or Photography she will go above and beyond program to give her students exactly what they need. Thanks to a great deal of real life experience, she will give you spot on tips which will make your life so much easier.


Ever curious and fun Veronika is able to make 10 friends in ten minutes. Her intensive and comprehensive fashion design studies in Zlin, combined with a lot of the experimental and commercial realizations, make a really strong lecturer out of her. She works as a fashion designer on daily basis and is also in charge of marketing and promotion her fashion brand. She is excited to share her experiences with Draw Planet students and we are very happy to work with her.


Malin is a very gifted and hardworking illustrator and calligrapher. She is a very nice, patient and energetic person. Malin is capable to explain anything to a student of any level. She is a part of our team for some time now and is becoming better and better with every lesson. If you go for a walk in Prague city centre, you are very likely to see her lettering and calligraphy works in bars, shops and cafes. She teaches calligraphy and lettering at Draw Planet.

Kristyna M

The funniest academic painter of Draw Planet. Kristyna is capable to explain even the most sophisticated topics in a very straightforward and accessible manner. Her classical training in Sofia combined with a very productive period of commercial illustration and animation have made her a great lecturer. She has a big of individual and collective exhibitions. Kristyna teaches painting and drawing classes, pastel and portrait courses. Her enthusiasm for art is contagious and you will love being at her classes. She is technically impeccable and very approachable as a person.


Ivana is famous and prominent fashion designer, artist and a drawer. Her graphic and design works attract you with its immense emotionality and incredible vision. After her textile design studies at Hradec Kralove and postgraduate degree in Bratislava, she has crafted a unique signature style. Her fashion collections unite actual trends and futuristic materials. She has a lot of experience both with conceptual collections and tailor made practical commissions. She is very approachable, empathetic and accurate. She loves sharing all the knowledge she has both from drawing, industrial design and fashion scene.

Stan Solo

We hardly know any material that Stan does not work with very well. He is exceptional with acrylics, markers, sprays, airbrush, drawing and everything else. To top all that, he is always getting better - he sketches, draws, comes up with storyboards and creates comics all the time. His exceptional charisma and a lot of knowledge in the field make him an incredible lecturer. At Draw Planet he is in charge of comics, fashion illustration, sketching and illustration.


Jan is a calligraphy, typography and graphic design fan. You would hardly find anyone who is more excited about letters and posters than him. He will take you on the adventure to discover amazing world of hidden meanings and broader context of the modern calligraphy and lettering. He has tonnes of real world design experience due to intensive experience at the leading media house. He balances it out with his more conceptual work at his Master’s degree studies at UMPRUM.


Marcela is our super-illustrator. After studing her Master’s at ZCU she just never stops. She founded a book publishing house, she teaches sketching, illustration and figure drawing, she worked for an Italian agency and she even has energy to teach children art lessons. She is just a well-rounded amazing person, who we are thrilled to have as a member of our team.


Petr is an incredible graphic, drawer and a screenprinter. In our team he is in charge of figure drawing and graphic courses. His depth of knowledge is always impressive and his style is unique and eye-catching. He is fun as a lecturer and also incredibly calm, he will always find a way to teach even the most complex topics to our students. After his studies at VUT and a lot of industrial design experience, now he focuses mainly on his art and transferring his knowledge to other people.

Tomas S

Tomas works for magazines, publishes comics, he is an excellent illustrator and at the same time he is an exciting musician. He is always energetic, outgoing and trying his best to inspire our students to realize their greatest potential. He does his best to help develop the idea, and to make it come true. You can find his own imaginative style in an incredible range of techniques. Tomas is currently graduating from FDULS and we are excited to have such an energetic team member with us. His teaching focuses on comics, illustration, preparation for exams, drawing and much more.


If you are searching for a young, energetic lecturer with rich experience in various art techniques - look no more, Ondrej is your guy. He has graduated from AVU, and was very inspired by his practice at Prince’s Drawing School London, where he has intensively worked with a large scale of techniques. You are not going to bored in the courses with Ondrej for sure, he is supportive and energetic, as well as very humorous 🙂


Rodrigo has started a street artist in Sao Paolo, Brazil. But then he has quickly shifted to more classical art and after his intense studies in Japan has went to combine a great palette of techniques in his works, which include working with oils, watercolour, acrylic, animation and digital. He is an awesome teacher and we are proud to have him in the team


Robin has a unique artistic vision. He simply feels nature and artichtecure. His classes are always thrilling and engaging. After completing AVU and having his practice in France, Robin is further developing his unique style and enjoys teaching. Robin teaches preparation for university admissions, course for beginners, drawing and oilpainting.

Helena B

Helena B is a great and modern, energetic painter and art curator. She has received academic art education under the guidance of prof. Mainer and after has worked intensively on promoting and exhibiting works of modern and classical art. Her own works are often created in cycles and have a topic that unites them. She marvellously works with many mediums, including watercolour and oil. She is friendly and open lecturer and we are sure you will enjoy courses with her 🙂


You rarely meet such an amazing combination of a talented artists and a very skilled pedagogue. Klara is exactly the case. In her remarkably young age she managed to study at Charles University on the Faculty of Pedagogy and she is now enrolled in the Academy of Figurative Art in Prague. She constructs amazing lessons with both children and adults and it is just simply a pleasure to be in one of her classes.

Katerina M

Katerina M - is a professional illustrator, who just loves to come up with amazing worlds and exciting characters, inspired by fantasy books. She has studies illustration at Vaclav Hollar’s School in Prague and she has enrolled to study pedagogy at Charles University. At Draw Planet Katerina M teaches digital illustration as well as many children courses. She is very responsible and caring, spending a lot of time preparing for every lecture, which are all filled with great ideas. No matter how old are her students, they are always looking forward to the next lecture with her.


Winning art competitions and creating amazing works very early on, Hugo has somehow managed to stay very humble and extremely friendly. Being born in Portugal, wondering around Rome and spending a lot of time in US, including Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, has made him a very well-rounded, eclectic and a fun person to be around. His English is simply perfect, as well as his lecturing skills. It is a pleasure to be in one of his courses.


Helena has always been excited about art and fashion. Theater has given her an opportunity to unite those interests and passions of hers. Having completed DAMU, Helena cooperates with many European theatres and overall she is just super-creative person. She teaches fashion illustration at Draw Planet.


Alena has been interested in drawing, pastel and landscapes for more then 10 years, but has decided to become an architect. After studying in various architecture universities in different languages, she has returned to drawing. She teaches courses for beginners, preparation for university admissions and pastel. Alena is very energetic and complements Draw Planet team in a great way!


Despite her very young age Roxy has managed to sharpen her skill with a great variety of art techniques, as well as creating her own unique style. Roxy teaches oil painting, courses for beginners and pastel. Thank to her sweet and very clear manner of teaching, there are always a lot people willing to go exclusively to her classes only.