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We are preparing to reopen Draw Planet studios!

8. December 2020

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Hi from Draw Planet! 🙂

We have begun preparations for reopening our studios.

During December, we will make everything ready and start again ASAP:


More information to be found below!

According to the current trend of the government regulations, we are preparing to continue all our courses and open the studios. We are looking forward to teaching you soon again.

Government regulations are becoming less strict and we strongly hope that this way will continue, so we can reopen soon! 🙂

From 11th January 2021 all courses will resume and will continue from where the pause started. Your lessons will continue the same day and same time as you were used to. You will not lose anything and will continue creating, drawing and painting very soon 🙂

Usually around middle of December a lot of students and teachers will start enjoying their holiday breaks and due to that we will not be able to resume regular and consistent teaching until the end of this year. 

Our operations and lecturing teams will coordinate everything needed so that you can come smoothly come back to your creations after the holiday season. We are preparing the studios, supplies and making sure everything is ready for your January return, so that you can create comfortably as you are used to 🙂  

If your course has not started before the government forced break and is scheduled to start soon, we will send you a message with all the necessary information about the new starting date. Day of the week and time will stay exactly the same as you have registered for initially.

If there are any new changes due to the government regulations – we will inform you as soon as possible.

But we hope that from January 11th we will finally start to meet each other regularly and teach at the Draw Planet studios.

We will send an email to all participants of already running courses and a sms reminder.

We wish you a festive Christmas season and all the best in 2021!


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